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GDC08: Tech Demo - Havok cloth physics


Already some of the most-used middleware around, Havok seems to be working on expanding their repertoire, adding cloth physics to their software. The video above showcases a tech demo from GDC08 and depicts a cape on a human figure who runs and jumps, with the cape reacting accordingly. The tech seems to be working well, with no evident clipping (at least to our eyes), and if there is any complaint to made it's that the cape's movements seem a bit exaggerated and unrealistic. With the tech delivering on it's end and Havok being used in a myriad of different games originating from a variety of genres and across many platforms, we can hope to see (mostly) accurate cloth physics appear in many more games going forward. (Also, what does this mean for cloaks, shrouds, togas, robes and all other in-game cloth?)

[Via 1UP]

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