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GDC08: Sony t-shirt teases in-game XMB


SCEA just updated their Flickr page (aren't they so web savvy these days?) with an intriguing image: shirts that proudly display the phrase "in-shirt XMB." Apparently, Sony's picked up a sense of humor these days. We read this either one of two ways:
  • ZOMG, in-game XMB confirmed!!!1
  • Sony is just teasing the gaming community in a cruel, but humorous way
In-game XMB has been one of the most requested features for the PS3 since its inception. Currently, gamers are forced to quit games in progress in order to do things like check which friends are online, read a message or play music. This much-awaited feature has been promised for "this year." According to our watches, that includes now. Stay tuned.

[Thanks, Matt!]

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