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iPhoneDrive becomes MegaPhone, gets R/W Notes access


After getting C&D'd by Apple (a special moment in any Apple Developer's life), Ecamm changed the name of their iPhoneDrive product to MegaPhone. Today, I had an early peek at their new product and was delighted to find that it supports the creation of new notes and editing of existing notes on the Macintosh end.

This is great news. Megaphone takes a feature (Notes) that was utterly and completely useless and turns it into a pretty cool way to carry around to-do lists and other text files with you.

And there's even a way to get around the hideous Marker Felt issue: When editing a note, use the Edit > Fonts menu to pick a less eye-bending choice. You're still limited to the standard iPhone choices (Helvetica, Courier, Arial, etc) but you no longer have to deal with the M.F. font.

The new version also adds batch delete for SMS and phone call logs so you can free up some memory if you're running against the iPhone's log limits.

Power user tip: Drag an HTML file into the window with the other notes, and MegaPhone adds it as a new note. The iPhone interprets and displays the HTML properly. I tried it out with one of my 3000-word O'Reilly articles with lots of code and headers and it worked fine (no way to click a link though -- but it will load images and online div sections from the web, according to Ecamm).

There is a demo of MegaPhone available, while a full version will cost you $19.95.

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