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This Monster Hunter PSP pouch and cover is awesome

Jem Alexander

Considering how insanely popular the Monster Hunter brand is in Japan, it's no wonder every accessory manufacturer and their dog is cashing in on the imminent release of Monster Hunter 2nd G next month. Of all the merchandise being released, this has to be our favourite (yes, even including that amazing Monster Hunter 2nd G limited edition PSP). The furry pouch, shown above (more images here), coupled with the leather PSP cover allows you to feel like a true Monster Hunter yourself. Imagine walking down the street with this hanging off your belt. King of the beasts.

Okay, so this may not be the greatest fashion accessory if you happen to live on Earth, and not in the world of Monster Hunter. It does, however, still make an excellent carry case and you'll never have to worry about your PSP being smashed under all those protective layers. Plus, did we mention it's totally furry? Awesome.

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