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Arena Tournament details

Amanda Dean

Blizzard provided further details on the much anticipated 3v3 tournament. A mere $20* entry fee per player will give you a shot at the $75,000 grand prize. That's $25,000 a piece (unless you have more players on your team), which is not too shabby. Second place will net your team $30,000 and the third place team will get $15,000. There will also be monetary rewards for regional finalists.

Your entry fee will grant you access to the arena server for the entirety of the six-week qualifying tournament. You will be able to create up to three characters on the server. This tournament will be about skill rather than gear. You may select your weapons and armor from arena and raid epics. You will also be able to select honor-based rewards and enchantments for your items. If you don't like your original selections, respecs and gear will all be free of charge.

The first two weeks of each qualifying tourney will be reserved for practicing and solidifying teams. If you don't have two friends to play with, don't worry. You will be able to create arena teams on the server. Each of your three characters can be on up to three teams. That means you will have nine shots at the prize money for a single entry fee. However, in order to qualify, each team must play at least two hundred games in the four-week qualifying period.

There will be two qualifying sessions. Players can participate in each, but can only move on to the next round with a single character. The top four teams from each qualifier will move on to the regional finals. The regional winners will venture forth to the global finals for the big money. Check out the official FAQ for more information.

Blizzard has not yet enabled the registration page. They have listed some qualifications to keep in mind before you throw your hat in the ring. If you want to participate make sure you keep your account in good standing. Any account holder that has been flagged, suspended, or banned for violations of terms of use will be excluded from participation. You must have the Burning Crusade enabled on your computer. More eligibility details will be released along with the official rules for the tournament.

There is no official tournament start date for the tournament, but Blizzard anticipates a start in April of 2008. We'll keep you up to date as further information is released. I'll see you in the tourney!

* Entry fee will be €15/£12 in Europe; 20,000 won in ; $20 in North America; and NT$450 in the regions of , Hong Kong, and Macau

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