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Has DiskWarrior's Eddy award been statue-napped?


Earlier tonight during Shawn King's Your Mac Life show, a chat room participant delivered a chilling warning to Alsoft, publishers of the venerable and vital DiskWarrior utility: a cherished possession, the 2007 Eddy award for DiskWarrior, was being held hostage in an undisclosed location. Indeed, the site does clearly show a rather unhappy-looking award with a succession of rambling, barely-comprehensible ransom demands... cigars, bacon, tofu, birdseed -- either these people have a serious dietary problem or someone copied Wile E. Coyote's shopping list by mistake.

Our crack investigative team has run around looking very busy for the past few minutes, and our sources have all been dragged inside from their eclipse-watching parties to answer our urgent calls for information. We have reason to believe that the reprobates and ne'er-do-wells at Ambrosia Software are involved in some way with this award situation, and we can only hope that the wayward statue is quickly and safely returned to its owners -- unscathed and unscratched.

Thanks to Mat, Shawn King, and "Mr. X."

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