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More Vol 34: The Dentist shots -- now with added YANKING


Ow. Ow. OWWW.

We're sorry, but you'll have to excuse our bleating. You see, we just clapped eyes on the latest round of screens from Vol. 34 THE Haisha (translation: Vol. 34 THE Dentist), and can't stop cringing. Just look at that plier-on-tooth action on the right, and tell us it doesn't make you want to grimace as well.

Like most people, we're not fans of the dentist, so why we'd want to relive the experience through a gaming handheld that is supposed to be fun is beyond us (though in the last batch of comments we received on D3's dentistry sim, revenge was mentioned as a possible motive for playing this).

Call us crybabies all you like, but we challenge any of you to visit the gallery below and not wince at least once.


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