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Reality TV pushing HD off as long as possible

Darren Murph

With nearly every scripted primetime show on television airing in HD nowadays, it's downright baffling that hits such as Survivor and The Amazing Race are still showing up in pixelated standard-definition. There's no doubt these shows are raking in millions from advertisers, but producers are still refusing to make the HD leap. Reportedly, Mark Burnett (executive producer of Survivor) was quoted as saying that "HD would be a nice addition to [the show], but [it] already has a high visual quality." We've also heard a battery of excuses surrounding the risk of expensive HD cameras being damaged in the wild, but it's easy to see the real reason behind the holdout is dollars and cents. Until viewers start turning their eyes to alternatives that are in high-definition, these giants are apt to keep on cranking out new seasons with the least total upfront cost. Needless to say, it's been a hot minute since anyone 'round these parts have tuned into any reality show not broadcast in 720p / 1080i, but we're definitely hoping to revert our attention back whenever the bigwigs in charge get with the program.

[Thanks, Will P.]

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