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Rumor: Canada getting a $50 Xbox 360 price drop

Dustin Burg

The rumorous crew over at Joystiq received an anonymous tip from a FutureShop employee who sent photographic proof of an upcoming Xbox 360 price drop starting this Friday.

The FutureShop employee got his hands on an upcoming sales ad that lists all Xbox 360 models at $50 cheaper than normal retail. So, that puts the Pro system at $349 and the Elite at $449. Now the only question is whether or not this $50 Canadian discount is a one week, FutureShop only sale or a Microsoft backed price cut for all of Canada. Maybe announced today at GDC? And a country wide price cut wouldn't be all that crazy, seeing that the U.S. dollar and Canadian dollar are nearly equal and a $50 price drop would make the console's price the same. If you're a Canadian in the market for an Xbox 360, you should definitely hold off until Friday. Hopefully we'll know more by then as a $50 savings is nothing to take lightly.

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