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Schizoid "Sploderific" achievement named by X3F


It all began in late 2007 when our own Dustin Burg was so awed by the explosions in Torpex Games' Schizoid that he was forced to invent a new word to describe them. Upon seeing the positively terrific explosions, Dustin combined the terms "explode" and "terrific" to create the perfect word to describe the harmonious combination of explosions and joy. That word is "sploderific." Not long after, we were contacted by Torpex's Bill Dugan, asking us if the company could use our word for an achievement in Schizoid. After a brief and fruitless attempt to work out a royalty system in which Dustin would receive a check every time the achievement was unlocked, we agreed to allow the word's use free of charge.

We caught up with Bill Dugan at GDC today, and we can confirm that "Sploderific" will definitely be appearing in Schizoid. Thus, step one in X3F's plan for world domination is complete. Good work, Dustin. You've made us proud! Stay tuned for our full interview with Bill Dugan coming soon.

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