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Wii Ware and Wii Fit dated for May [update 3]

Candace Savino

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo will officially announce the U.S. release dates for both Wii Ware and Wii Fit today.

Wii Ware, a service by Nintendo offering downloadable games, will be available on American Wiis starting May 12th, while Wii Fit will hit stores a week later on the 19th.

Both are huge announcements, but we're definitely more excited for Wii Ware, which already has a lot of (potentially) awesome games in its lineup. The Wii Fit release is also less of a surprise, due to previous rumors.

Now that we finally have dates, or lights at the end of the tunnel, are any of you American gamers as excited as we are?

Update 1: Wii Fit's European release is confirmed for April 25th (almost a month before the American launch). Join in on the love, Europe!

Update 2: The European press release also reveals weight limits for the game. Per Nintendo, the Balance Board can only support up to 150 kg (330 lbs). That's more than the Japanese version (which supports 136 kg), but will the American board hold even more weight? We'll just have to wait and see!

Update 3: In case you were skeptical, the Wall Street Journal was right -- Nintendo confirmed the May dates for Wii Ware and Wii Fit.


[Via NeoGAF]

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