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GTAIV, 9 new screens to put on your 2008 collage [Update]

Update: We've added 30 screenshots to our GTAIV gallery including the nine discussed in this article.

Nine new GTAIV screens have been spotted at Xboxygen earlier today for you to whet your appetite. The images for the upcoming open-world title vary in quality from a beautiful sunset grab to another close-up of, lead character, Niko's grotesque hands. As hawt as the game looks, zooming in on the details makes of think of two major things. First, the game features such a large adventure that we can't wait to give it a spin when it hits on April 29 and second, Niko's paws are so strange looking they look like he's wearing uglier hands as gloves. Did we mention that already?

[Thanks, gaetge. Via Xboxygen]


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