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Klein + Hummel intros O 810 and O 870 subwoofers

Darren Murph

Klein + Hummel has exposed a new duo of earth-shakers today, dubbed the O 810 and O 870. These subwoofers were designed for use in "music, broadcast, and post-production studios for tracking, mixing, and mastering," which means that they'll most certainly suffice in your humble (or not so humble) home theater setup. Interestingly, the press release fails to mention the difference between the two, power handling specifications or even what size the woofer is, but we do know that each unit will feature four-mode LFE channel processing, fourth order crossovers / flexible acoustical controls and built-in volume controls. Additionally, the subbies can handle frequencies down to 18Hz, and while no price is given (surprised?), we fully expect 'em to cater to the affluent sect.

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