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60GHz wireless chip promises 5Gbps of throughput, instant tumors

Ryan Block, @ryan

So this team of über-nerds -- NICTA -- out of Australia's Information and Communications Technology Research Centre of Excellence (or ICTRCoE for "short") announced the preliminary results of their Gigabit Wireless Project. Here's a hint: they were able to transmit gigabits of data -- five of 'em -- per second wirelessly over 60GHz / millimeter-wave CMOS-based transceivers. Of course, range on a system with that high a frequency isn't very far, but feel free to enjoy this moment of fantasy-future news for what it is. Oh, and NICTA crew -- hate to break it to ya, but your countrymen at CSIRO broke the 10Gbps wireless barrier a couple years ago (as did the U of Essex), might be time to up the ante.

Update: Bonus! Apparently these will be ready to ship in a year, and would cost $10 per component, which is still a little expensive for a single wireless chip but not bad at all.

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