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British mag to unveil Xbox Live Goldeneye info. Wednesday

Kyle Orland

After being endlessly rumored and then sort-of-confirmed, we were pretty sure the currently-in-limbo XBLA version of Goldeneye 007 would remain in hiding for quite a while (questionable videos notwithstanding). Apparently not, as British mag Xbox World 360 announced via its blog today that next Wednesday's issue will include the world's first hands-on impressions of the port.

The short announcement, which was slowly leaked via a screenshot jigsaw puzzle throughout the week, promises "never-seen shots and hands-on details" about the game's differences, improvements, and information on how we can "make sure this incredible remake does see the light of day." That last bit is a little worrying to us, as it implies there's still a chance the game won't see the light of day. What can we do to help? Circulate a petition? Protest at Rare headquarters? Sacrifice our pets to Satan? FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY TELL US!

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