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Digital tattoo enables arm-based conversations, constant health monitoring

Darren Murph

Okay, so this whole digital tattoo concept still seems more reasonable than littering one's body with Zune imagery or the BSOD message, but we're still a tad creeped out. Dreamed up by Jim Mielke, this minuscule, implantable display would reportedly connect to an artery and a vein for its power and could display caller ID information as well as video chats right on one's arm. Best of all, this thing won't become the source of all kinds of regret when you head over the hill, as it could also be used to constantly monitor certain aspects of your health and give you a heads-up if anything goes awry. If you're not squirming in your seat at the mere thought of this, it may indeed be right down your alley -- one day, that is.

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