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Giant news from the PTR: A new build brings a new bug [UPDATED]


A New build has just been pushed to the PTR. There's been some changes to Mage and Warlock talents according to World of Raids, including an addition of up to a 10% cast time reduction on Incinerate from the Warlock's Emberstorm Talent, the changing of the Mage Icy Veins talent to add 100% pushback resistance instead of 10% more chance for chilling effects to freeze the enemy, and a reduced chance to be hit for up to 4 seconds from the Mage Improved Blink talent.

For the raiders, the Sunwell Plateau raid is available again as well.

In addition, a rather amusing bug has popped up. The scaling has gone a bit wonky on the Test Server, and you can now find massive Clockwork Rocket Bots patrolling around next to oversized Kwee Q. Peddlefeets. Warlock pets also seem to have gotten a shot of Giant Growth Elixir as well, while the Ogres hanging out above Shattrath City have been shrunk. Hortus is aware of the bug, and (unfortunately) it will be fixed. So if you're on the PTR, enjoy your oversized pets while you can! And Mages and Warlocks, enjoy your new talent changes.

UPDATE: Other class changes have been noticed now as well. The 41-point Shaman Enhancement talent, Shamanistic rage, is no longer dispellable. In addition, the Warlock Lifetap spell now is now percentage-based. It converts 26% of max hp into 26% of max mana.

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