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Motorola anoints new CFO

Chris Ziegler

Despite praise heaped upon Motorola's interim CFO Tom Meredith during his one-year tenure, he's being replaced as of March 1 by Paul Liska, an outsider who's done time with Sears and private equity firms in recent years. The move comes as a surprise, with many predicting that the permanent chief would come from the inside -- either by naming Meredith to the position or selecting someone else -- but let's be honest, Moto can use about as much fresh thinking as it can get its hands on at the moment. A Citibank analyst has gone on record saying he's a "big fan" of Meredith, pegging him as a guy who brought a lot of "financial discipline" into the beleaguered number three manufacturer -- so heads up, Liska, you've got some big shoes to fill.

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