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The war of words for Sony's PlayStation Home and Second Life users begins

Eloise Pasteur

Ron Festejo is hardly an unbiased observer, being the creative director of the Sony project that is bringing PlayStation Home out next week, but in an interview with he explains that, in his opinion Home is the best looking and most user-friendly multiplayer experience he's seen so far.

Apparently Second Life is "too garish" and the rest of the MMOs are "too hardcore." Second Life users (we're not players after all) are also too geeky, and Mr. Festejo doesn't think there will be much to interest Second Lifers. Of course I'm happy to be called a geek, and not owning a playstation I won't be checking out PlayStation Home, but what do you think? Do you need to be a geek to cope with Second Life, or is he just aiming at a "cool kids" market? He probably does need to go and read the minimum specs for Second Life page mind: whilst Second Life runs on a much greater range of engines than just PlayStations, he is exaggerating saying it has to support people on Pentium II's.

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