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Unlimited, regional style: US Cellular intros $99 plan

Chris Ziegler

We're still getting over the shock of three of the four nationals suddenly flipping the switch on sub-$100 unlimited plans within hours of each other, but oh, by the way, the onslaught isn't over just yet. Sprint aside, there are still plenty of regionals that don't offer unlimited plans -- along with some that do -- so we expect we're going to see a few more announcements in the coming weeks (or days, considering the pace at which these events have been unfolding thus far). Next to take the podium is US Cellular, revealing a (you guessed it) $99 all-you-can-eat calling plan that will be available to new and existing customers alike, albeit for a limited time. Data and messaging will still require add-on packages to the tune of $25 if you're craving both unlimited bytes and texts, but it still works out to be a decent deal in light of what its primary competitors are offering -- if you exclude Helio, anyway. No word on when exactly folks will be able to sign up for the plan, but US Cellular says details will be posted to its site "soon."

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