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DIY IR headgear repels security cameras, attracts "security"


It's not the first method we've seen for blinding security cameras, but this new DIY / art project from the folks at Oberwelt e.V. looks to be one of the simplest, and one of the few that could conceivably be used on an everyday basis. Dubbed the I-R.A.S.C. (for "infra-redlight against surveillance camera"), the device apparently consists simply of a series of infrared lights connected to a battery, which combine to blot out your face with a slightly unnerving glow. Needless to say, while it appears to hide your identity quite effectively, it doesn't exactly scream subtlety, so you'd best think of some excuses to explain yourself if you actually plan on trying this thing out in public.

[Via Coolest Gadgets]

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