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GDC08: Six things to take from Game Developers Rant

Ross Miller

It has been one year since Chris Hecker made the headline-catching Duct Tape comment at the Developer's Rant. At GDC this year we were waiting with great anticipation for what other nuggets would come this year. Interested in vulgarity, balloons, excessive drinking and French literature? How about poignant discourse and hope? Keep reading for both!

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1. "It doesn't surprise me that the most meaningful relationship we developed in a AAA title this year is with a fucking cube"

First up on the rant was Clint Hocking (Far Cry 2), who may have set a new record for most usage of "fuck" and "shit" in a rant. Prefacing with a comparison to the film industry, Hocking said, "pound for pound we're the most fucking creative industry in the whole world." The focal point of his rant came from something a friend of his said: "dude, it's code ... we can do anything."

Whereas independent games have been able to create an emotional impact, Hocking said, mainstream titles have largely focused on mindless action. "Why can't Call of Duty ... actually be about duty. Why isn't Medal of Honor about honor? Imagine what it'd be worth to you if you could put honor on a box and sell it." Hocking mentions Marriage and Passage that are free to download and wonderful.

Halo 3 made $300 million, but at $50 copy that means it's only making one-tenth of the Lord of the Rings audience. "Do you really think a glowing dagger that can detect Orcs or a fucking +5 rope is what moved people? What people care about is that Frodo trusts Sam ... It doesn't surprise me that the most meaningful relationship we had in a AAA title this year is with a fucking cube." That last comment drew massive applaud and laughter.

Concluding, Hocking repeats his previous mantra: "Dude, it's code ... We can do anything."

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