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Gefen unloads two new component video distribution amplifiers

Darren Murph

Shortly after dishing out a v1.3-compliant 1:10 HDMI distribution amplifier and 1:5 HDMI splitter, Gefen is hitting us up with two new signal pushers for the component lovers in the house. The 1:4 Component/Audio CAT-5 Distribution Amplifier and the 1:8 Component/Audio CAT-5 Distribution Amplifier each enable component video to be delivered to a multitude of displays (four for the first, eight for the second); additionally, each box is equipped with RCA, S/PDIF and Toslink optical audio jacks. The duo promises to carry both audio and 1080p video signals over CAT5 cables to displays some 1,000 feet away, and while they'll run you $799 and $1,499, respectively, receivers are sold separately at $200 a pop.

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