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PotBS announces Australian Ambassador program, offering years free game time

William Dobson

More Pirates of the Burning Sea love has been sent Australia's way, with Flying Lab Software's announcement of the Australian Ambassador Program. Full details of the new program can be found here, however you may need to log in to view the page, so here's an excerpt : "We believe that the best way to introduce new players to a game is by introducing them to people who know it best: the fans. We want a cadre of experienced players to create new characters and get in on the ground floor with their fellow Australians. You won't be required to do anything more than play Pirates of the Burning Sea!"

As an incentive for being involved in the program, the appointed "ambassadors" will have their subscriptions paid up for an entire year. Unlike the free account program for Australians, you will need to be specifically chosen after applying to get the years free subscription, and applications will close on the 7th of March. The requirements state that you must be a current subscriber, and reside in Australia (duh). If you meet the criteria, you may as well apply and see if you can score a year of free PotBS.

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