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GDC Quest Quiz II: Steve Purcell


We did a terrible thing at last week's Game Developer's Conference. Aside from our usual barrage of photographs and "reporting," a select group of attendees had to endure a particularly inane and utterly pointless line of questioning -- just for laughs. This is what happens when you hunt down several adventure game connoisseurs and challenge them to solve a typically obnoxious adventure game puzzle.

The Player
Steve Purcell, illustrator and writer best known as the creator of Sam & Max. We're surprised he even talked to us after last year's drunken debacle.

The Puzzle
You're standing in front of a cave. The goal is to get inside the cave, taking care to foil the ferocious robot bear guarding the entrance first.

The Inventory

  • (1) perforated parasol
  • (1) rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle
  • (1) sealed manila envelope
  • (1) miniature macaroni Tim Schafer statue
Find Steve Purcell's solution to the "meta-puzzle" after the break.

The Solution

Steve: I'd probably just eat the Tim Schafer macaroni and uh ...

Joystiq: What did that accomplish exactly? You were hungry?

Well, the only thing that could be more delicious than macaroni is macaroni shaped like Tim. So, after that, I would probably turn the computer off and go outside.

So, you solved the puzzle by solving the larger meta-puzzle around it.

Did you say "meta-puzzle?" Did you say "meta-puzzle" out loud and mean it?

Yes, yes I did.

Shame on you!


Here's a guy that says "meta-puzzle" in conversation with conviction.

So, puzzle solved!

For me it is!

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