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GDC08: Home tools released, new images revealed


James Cox, Warren Keyes, and Liam Wickham from Sony Computer Entertainment are currently hard at work on Sony's upcoming online initiative, Home. At GDC, they spoke to interested developers about creating content for the online service, and revealed a few new images of the service in action.

The Home Development Toolkit (HDK) is currently available for all developers, and includes the things necessary for 3D asset creation, object creation, and creation of arcade and mini-games. Support for 3D trophies is also available, although its currently as an "evaluation." Samples are included in the HDK, and documentation is offered in English, Japanese and Korean.

Players will press the START button to launch their virtual PSP systems. From there, they can hit "Create Game." Options can be set, such as max players to join a game. Other users can be invited whilst online, as well.

The roadmap for toolkit 1.2 shows new additions, such as Maya 2008 and 3D Studio Max 2008 support. Game launching should become more advanced, and stable. The roadmap to toolkit 1.4 was also on display. Here are some more images from Home:

In addition to the brand new environments showcased (above), a new tool was also shown: a camera, which allows users to take virtual photos of their virtual friends doing virtual things. You can place these virtual pictures onto virtual picture frames in your virtual apartment, as well.

Not only is there a new bubble machine for users to play with (above), the Home team highlighted a fun problem that users may have: too much junk. For furniture freaks, perhaps their living spaces will look a little something like this:

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