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HD DVD and Blu-ray releases on February 26th, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

How very fitting that about the exact same time Toshiba calls it quits, HD DVD has its last two blockbuster exclusives two weeks in a row -- no we don't count the Bee Movie. Also, odd this week is that HD DVD has more titles released as well. Meanwhile, Blu-ray doesn't have much more than yet another vampire movie and a few other interesting titles that we've never heard of. Of course the nine HD DVDs this week aren't much to talk about for the most part either. Looking forward, there are only 37 titles left on the calendar for HD DVD and we'll be interested to see if this number goes up or down. We suspect these will be the last, but we can see where some might get the axe depending on how far along in the production cycle the titles are. Now that February is over, we look forward to March which has a decent selection of new releases and catalog titles.

HD DVD 398 vs Blu-ray 458*

* Blu-ray total does not reflect 32 Paramount titles that were previously officially available.

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