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Japanese carrier EMOBILE announces first two voice handsets

Chris Ziegler

Up until today, Japan's EMOBILE was up and running, sure, but there was a catch: it didn't offer any phones. It had been offering Sharp's lovely EM-ONE, yes, but the device wasn't voice capable. The low-cost GSM carrier is movin' on up in the world now, though, with the introduction of the Toshiba-sourced H11T clamshell and the Windows Mobile 6-powered S11HT "EMONSTER" from HTC, which should look very familiar to anyone with a TyTN II or Tilt. EMOBILE's got a fairly small footprint that's restricted primarily to densely populated areas, so anyone looking to jet set across Japan is probably going to want the H11T, which is capable of roaming on DoCoMo's airwaves and features a 3.2 megapixel camera, one-seg tuner, and a QVGA display. The company's going to start taking preorders on March 1, with the official voice launch going down on March 28.

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