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Nokia and Qualcomm agree to try and maybe possibly stop suing each other

Nilay Patel

There's no love lost between Nokia and Qualcomm -- the two companies have been suing each other willy-nilly for a year and half now -- but it looks like they've agreed to stop the vicious procedural and technical legal maneuvering that's marked the dispute so far and make a go at actually resolving some issues. That's right, after filing nearly a dozen lawsuits and engaging in an endless war of paperwork, the two companies have agreed to sit down with their arbitrator and figure out who owes who how much, and who gets the kids patent licensing rights. Still, it's not over over -- only two cases are being consolidated before the arbitrator, and although Nokia and Qualcomm say they've agreed to postpone the other outstanding cases and hold off on filing any more lawsuits, we'd say there's just too much bad blood here for things to end this easily.

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