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Valve considering video, music content through Steam


In an attempt to further blur the already-pretty-darn-blurry line between "software distribution system" and "digital hub," Valve is considering adding music and video content to their Steam distribution platform. Valve marketing VP Doug Lombardi spoke with Tom's Games at GDC last week, and mentioned that the idea of expanded content is currently being bounced around the office.

Specifically, Lombardi states that Valve has already begun reaching out to companies involved with those forms of digital media, and expects some small degree of non-game content on Steam before the year's end. Other forms of digital entertainment would place Steam in more direct competition with the diverse offerings of Xbox Live, but may also put the humble platform up against big-boy services like iTunes and Rhapsody. Whether that type of intense competition will be productive for the platform remains to be seen.

[Via 1UP]

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