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WSE abandons Linden Dollars

Tateru Nino

Luke Connell's 'fictional' stock exchange, the World Stock Exchange (or WSE) has abandoned the use of Linden Dollars for reasons which seem a little confused and unclear other than apparently fear, uncertainty and doubt. The exchange has been closed for some time for a software refit that seems to be taking a lot longer than anyone expected.

If you had Linden Dollar balances with the WSE - well, tough. They've been converted to World Internet Currency (WIC) and you can try to cash them out for some value (that is if people want to spend real money on valueless game-tokens) - when the WSE goes live again (a date that is, as yet unclear. Maybe March. Maybe not).

But since Connell asserts that all the businesses, money, shares and all that that are involved are just role-playing, that's no loss to anyone at all, right?

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