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Yamaha blasts out four new HTIB systems

Darren Murph

Not even two months after Samsung went wild at CES and cranked out a slew of new HTIBs, along comes Yamaha with a foursome of its own. Up first is the YHT-790 5.1-channel system, which boasts a SCENE mode to "instantly access any entertainment source and surround sound experience," YPAO system calibration, two HDMI inputs (and one output), Sirius / XM Radio comparability and the ability to stream music channeled in from A2DP-equipped devices if the (optional) YBA-10 is plugged in. As for the YHT-690, you'll notice a 720p / 1080i upscaling DVD player tossed in, while the slightly less powerful YHT-590 / YHT-390 provide just the basics for a few bills less. Hit up the links below for details on each.

Read - YHT-790 ($849.95)
Read - YHT-690 ($649.95)
Read - YHT-590 ($549.95)
Read - YHT-390 ($399.95)

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