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God of War PSP bundle with 'Deep Red' unit in June


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Update: SCEA has confirmed the bundle via press release. The 'limited-edition' God of War Entertainment Pack will include a "Deep Red" PSP with Kratos 'silk-screened' on the back, a copy of the game, Superbad UMD, and a PSN voucher to download Syphon Filter: Combat Ops from the PC PlayStation Store. The bundle will be available in June for $199.99.

Original: Sony is planning to release a new PSP bundle this summer, which includes the upcoming PSP-exclusive God of War: Chains of Olympus, according to an announcement made at retailer conference Destination PlayStation today. The package will include the game, a UMD version of Superbad, a certificate for a PSN download, and a brand new red PSP system. This would be Sony's third PSP bundle in the US, following the Daxter and Star Wars Battlefront sets. Just as the Star Wars PSP features a Vader rendering on its backside, the red PSP will sport Kratos, no doubt mean muggin. The bundle is expected to retail for $199 and should be available in June.

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