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Epic looks to Gears fans for input on the sequel

Dustin Burg

While making our daily internet rounds we stumbled across an intriguing little survey that's posted over on asking fans' opinions on a few Gears related questions. The survey (which can only be accessed using a Windows LIVE ID) is ever so interestingly titled "GOW 2 Survey" and asks various questions about a player's likes, dislikes and favorites regarding the Gears franchise. Questions including "What's the best OMG moment from Gears 1?", "Which multiplayer mode dominates your time online?" and "Which Delta Squad member would you want to have your back?" And it's quite obvious to us that Microsoft and Epic want your opinion on what makes Gears so special and will probably use the data gathered to make Gears of War 2 more of teh hawtness. Data that will hopefully tell them we want more Torque Bow, more Boomers (their "BOOM!" chant is hilarious) and more Seriously-style achievements. Go and give your input.

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