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Free US transfers now open

Eliah Hecht

Once again, it's time to balance the server load a bit. Free character transfers are available on select North American realms, starting a few hours ago at 12:00 PM PST and going for one week, until Tuesday, March 4 at 12:00 PM PST. Here's the server list:

  • Group A (PvP)
    • From: Illidan, Mal'Ganis, Sargeras, Stormreaver, Tichondrius
    • To: Vashj
  • Group B (PvP)
    • From: Arthas, Burning Blade, Mannoroth, Mug'thol, Warsong
    • To: Zuluhed
  • Group C (PvE)
    • From: Area 52, Arygos, Ghostlands, Hellscream, Zul'jin
    • To: Velen
As usual, the transfers may close early if the population levels get to where Blizz wants them, so transfer early if you intend to. And again as usual, the realms chosen are based on Blizz's extensive internal stats, so at least in theory, the realms that you're transferring from are the most overpopulated, and the realms you're transferring to are the most underpopulated. Will you be taking advantage of these transfers? If you're on Vashj, Zuluhed, or Velen, do you welcome the newcomers?

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