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iPod/iPhone firmware update 1.1.4 released


Just connected my iPhone to iTunes. More details as they come in.

1:30: I'm downloading the software now... To download directly, the direct links are iPhone and iPod. (Do let me know if I messed either of those up.)

I've decided that my wee little iPod touch will be the update fodder this time--remember last time all the trouble I ended up with when I basically fried my iPhone when going back to 1.1.1 after testing 1.1.3? The things I do for TUAW!

Help requested If any of you are in ADC, please see whether the SDK is available? Thanks!!

Reader asks: "What will 1.1.4 change? Will it be unlocked/jailbroken, etc." Do NOT upgrade if you have unlocked until the devs have time to figure out the landscape. Jailbreak pretty much always goes away. So again, if you like your jb'ed iPhone or iPod, DO NOT upgrade yet.

All of you who are reporting in that the upgrade went fine and there are no big changes you can see are obviously working with much better Internet connections than I have. I wait.

Release notes; "Bug Fixes". As "FunkeeMonk" writes: "wow, such a descriptive release". If you're on a jailbroken phone (or actually formerly jailbroken phone) and notice a big speed bump, like as not that's because all the junk you've installed over time got cleaned up by the fresh install.

It's times like this when I just hate Mindspring, my ISP. 40 MB of 165.5 MB.

ZIPHONE WORKS!!!!! Nate True has reporetdly tried out ZiPhone on 1.1.4 and IT WORKS. Looking for secondary confirmation now.

Exchange Support! -- Looks like IMAP stuff, nothing Exchange-specific.

TUAW reader kab writes: "just spoke with Zibri and he says yep.. ziphone will JB 1.1.4 but it SHOULD not activate it".

124.5 of 165.5 MB.

Download has FINISHED. My computer is now recognizing my keystrokes without a 2 second delay (yay) and I'm installing...

Unknown error occurred 6. iPhuc to the rescue. I'm booted in.

TUAW reader Dave Taylor writes: "Plugins are enabled on Safari Settings, this is new I think? " Readers say: not new.

Okay, I'm in, I'm jailbroken, I'm under 1.1.4 Let me know what you specifically want to see under the hood. I'll be looking mostly at frameworks.

No changes in the number of frameworks. Pretty much all the frameworks look like the exact same releases as 1.1.3--same number of bytes. UIKit has changed: 2687236 vs 2687140. I have to take a break, eat, visit the little girls' room, etc. Later all.

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