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Nintendo wants your money for online "Pay & Play" gaming?


Nintendo couldn't have been more obtuse in its announcement last week at GDC, but from the looks of it you won't be enjoying that totally free Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection play forever. Nintendo is busting out a new Pay & Play service for certain games, which seems to refer to both downloadable content for some titles, and online multiplayer for others. It's really hard to tell, but it doesn't sound like Nintendo has any intention of going the Xbox Live route. There will be red stickers on games with Pay & Play features so you can spot them in the store, and if you do end up paying for online multiplayer, it looks like it'll be on a per-title basis. Other than that Nintendo isn't spilling much -- we have no idea what titles will cost money to play, and how much it'll be -- but given the fact that Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart are just about to make online play on the Wii actually interesting, this isn't exactly an encouraging sign.

[Via Register Hardware]

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