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Nokia 3555 on tap for T-Mobile next month?

Chris Ziegler

It's no secret that Nokia's waiting in the wings with its low-end 3555 flip for T-Mobile, but here's the thing: as low-end as it may be, it's still 3G, which makes it a blockbuster by T-Mobile standards. The latest intelligence indicate that T-Mob's liking March 17 as the retail release date for the phone, featuring myFaves support, stereo Bluetooth, microSD slot, speakerphone, and a VGA cam -- not bad, considering the fact that it'll almost certainly be within a few bucks of free on contract. Perhaps the best part of this whole document, though, is the verbiage directed at sales staff imploring that the 3555 be sold "without any reference to UMTS," and if the customer specifically asks about the phone's 3G capabilities, there are a few canned responses (nothing we don't already know, really) designed to shut the customer up and get 'em out the door with a smile on their face and a 3555 in their pocket.

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