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One Shots: The run to Darnassus

The first look in a new world is often one of the deciding factors for anyone playing an MMO. Let's face it; if we weren't interested in looking into different virtual worlds and MMOs, we wouldn't have a column named One Shots that shows them off. We like to look and explore -- for some, that's the main reason to even play MMOs! So when a game designer builds a lovely vista into a starting area, with the sunlight glowing through in just the right way, we appreciate it. Today's screenshot from World of Warcraft is all about one of those moments. As Gordon tells us:

So I rolled up a Night-Elf Druid, which is something I hadn't done since Beta. Running on the way to Darnassus I stopped to admire this lovely sunsetting through the trees.

While I rolled Horde, I have always thought that Darnassus was a lovely place. Too bad they have that grumpy Druid hanging around there to sully the area up.

Do you have any screenshots of interesting starting areas, or just great atmospheric effects in the games you play? Perhaps you love to explore and can show us things we've never seen before in familiar games? If so, we want to see some screens from you! Just send them to us at! They could be featured next!

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