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Same old story: CoD4 is still the Xbox Live king

Dustin Burg

We're thinking that reporting on the weekly Xbox Live Activity may be a bit redundant now, seeing that the Call of Duty 4 / Halo 3 tug-o-war has died down with CoD4 again being the most played Live game last week. CoD4 has been on top of the list for something like four weeks straight and it's sort of becoming the norm. We've lost our fanboy excitement and miss the comment battles between unruly H3 and CoD4 fanboys. Humph. We'll see what next week brings and if H3 can climb the hill once again. Maybe we'll stuff the ballot box so to speak by gathering the community for a final H3 achievement push. Maybe, but doubtful.

On a side note, it's nice to see N+ on top of the XBLA list this week. Those free XNA games may have stole some of its spotlight, but N+ obviously didn't mind.

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