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Shocker: HD capable homes tune into more high-def programming

Darren Murph

Not that this is a surprise or anything -- after all, it's pretty safe to assume that homes with HD became that way due to an urge to watch more HD programming -- but some recent ratings numbers from Nielsen help substantiate the notion that high-def capable domiciles are more likely to flip on the set. For instance, this year's Super Bowl managed a 43.3 rating overall, yet racked up a 47.6 rating in homes with HDTVs. Additionally, broadcast TV stations had an 8.9 rating in HD homes in December of 2007, while non-HD households rung up just a 6.8 rating. Still, not all of the news was rosy. At the close of last year, about a quarter of US homes had an HD set, while just 13.6-percent of those were classified as "HD capable and receivable." SD content stretched across an HD panel? Oh, the humanity.

[Via MultichannelNews]

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