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SpinVox app for BlackBerry integrates voicemail with contacts

Chris Ziegler

SpinVox has made quite a stink over the past few months with its voicemail-to-text tech, launching on several carriers globally in addition to offering service direct to end users. Okay, so now that that trick's played out, what's next? The British firm's new BlackBerry plug-in takes the concept to the next level by automatically linking incoming translated voicemails to contacts in the phone's address book, making it a snap to reply to the message via text or email. Admittedly, it'd freak us out if we left someone a message and got a reply via email within a few minutes with a transcription of our own voicemail attached at the bottom, but hey, that's the brave new world we live in. The plug-in will run users £5 (about $10) per year on top of their normal SpinVox fees.

[Via MobileBurn]

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