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TUAW on the Spot: Secret Barista to report on Starbucks 'retraining'


Wanting to get the scoop on the new coffee generation, I put in a call to my secret barista, Ms. Coffee. "Quick, tell the dish about the nationwide Starbucks retraining this afternoon!" "Wish I could -- got nothing to tell. All the stores close at 5:30 pm local time, no matter where they are. We have no idea what the training involves." So I extracted a promise: any mention of AT&T, the iPhone, EDGE networks or WiFi and she is to dash to the bathroom on a "weak bladder" excuse and call.

For those of you who are completely caffeine deprived, Dunkin' Donuts will "ensure that no coffee lover is denied a delicious espresso-based beverage," offering lattes, cappucinos and espressos for $0.99 between 1pm and 10pm today.

So what do you think, TUAW readers? Is this the big AT&T intro we've been waiting for?

Thanks Nick

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