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WoW Moviewatch: Horde, Episode 1

Moo Money

Pinkhair dug deep into the archives of WoW machinima to recommend this gem. Horde - Episode 1: "That's how we role!" is parody of popular movies from yesteryear. When a group of strangers are jailed for not roleplaying on Maelstrom, they are assigned an essay to identify themselves. What role will each of them fulfill?

I have to say that I didn't pick up on the cues as to what movie they were mainly referring to until the very end. If you are a fan of 80s movies, I think that you'll find this movie pretty amusing. Due to this being a guild-based movie, Slurvin was unable to create a sequel, as the group broke up afterwards. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing another comedy like this, commercials and all, in the future.

[Thanks, Pinkhair!]

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