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You Don't Know Jack to become part of Yahoo! Games

Kyle Orland

If in-game statistics are to be believed, most of you don't know jack about the new, online version of You Don't Know Jack. Something is seriously wrong with the state of gaming when even the most-played editions of the funniest, cleverest, and overall best trivia quiz ever created can't even top 100,000 plays after over a year on the interwebs (despite being absolutely free to play!). The show even has an RSS feed to remind you of the daily updates, for goodness sakes. What's are you waiting for, people? Halo 3 will still be there in five minutes. Broaden your gaming horizons!

Luckily, someone at Yahoo! recognized the genius of Jack more than all of you, because Fortune Small Business is reporting that the company has signed on to distribute the game on its popular casual games network. No details on exactly how the alliance will work, but hopefully some of the site's 17 million monthly users will be able to stray away from hits like Dress Shop Hop and Sally's Salon for some delightfully raunchy trivia fun. Hmmm ... then again, maybe Yahoo!'s audience isn't the best fit for this kind of content. Note to Microsoft: we would not be adverse to the idea of an Xbox Live Version of this game. Nope, not adverse at all ...

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