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Buy your own TiAlN modded iPhone


Earlier this week, we wrote about a beautiful iPhone case mod that involved wrapping the whole thing in a ceramic coating called TiAIN. A lot of you wrote to say how much you liked it. Well, you're in luck, because now you can buy one.

Just send in your iPhone plus $299US, and you'll get

  • Black back, no branding
  • TiAlN Black (or gold) glossy logo
  • TiAlN Black (or gold) back bezel
  • Antenna Cover
Customization isn't limited to the iPhone. They're also doing the iPod touch ($129) and 3G iPod nano ($99). The process takes 2-3 days, and shipping is free. It looks pretty cool; let us know if you dress up your iPhone or iPod.

Thanks, Jason!

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