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Home integration for Resistance, Uncharted & Warhawk sounds awesome

Jem Alexander

There's been a lot of Home news recently, which is fine by us. We're happy to learn anything that makes the service appear to be more than just a Second Life clone. If what Kotaku says is true, then Home will be much, much more than that. Their sources have revealed to them exactly what Insomniac, Naughty Dog and Incognito have planned for Home integration and it sounds totally awesome.

Both Uncharted and Resistance will allow you to explore empty levels from the game as your Home avatar (hopefully, with your friends - that would make it extra cool). Resistance will also have a game-space in which we'll be able to explore unseen areas of the game as well as listen to extra content from the game in the form of "intercepted radio transmissions" which will expand on the storyline.

Uncharted is pegged to have a Contra-style 2D side-scrolling shooter based on the game, available in its gamespace. Warhawk, on the other hand, will feature full game launching from within Home and a "war room" which will allow players to draw out battle plans on a virtual sandbox map of the level. If this all comes true, then Home will be even better than we ever imagined. Sony is apparently using these games to show third parties and other developers the potential of the service. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this will all come true.

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