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LG Glimmer in the mix for Alltel?

Chris Ziegler

What do you get when you cross LG's Shine slider and Viewty full touchscreen candybar? If you guessed the "Vine" or the "Shewty," well... no, you'd be wrong. If this ad posted over on Howard Forums turns out to be legit, you'd actually end up with the "Glimmer," a phone that appears destined for Alltel (of all carriers) that combines a 2.8 inch capacitive touch display, numeric slider, 2 megapixel cam with flash, microSD slot, Bluetooth, and EV-DO. It's unknown when the rather attractive metal-clad piece might launch, but the existence of prepared advertising leads us to believe it could be sooner rather than later, putting Alltel in the rare and enviable position of one-upping its larger counterparts with unique hardware. The Venus proves that the touch / slide hybrid concept can work, so don't be shy, Alltel, bring it on.

[Thanks, Bradley]

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