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N-Tune adds a tuner to your guitar's volume knob

Darren Murph

Although Gibson's self-tuning Robot Guitar is mighty snazzy, buying an entirely new instrument in order to ease your tuning woes isn't exactly practical. Truth be told, the N-Tune won't do the tuning for you, but it does make adjusting those flats and sharps a lot more interesting. Essentially, the chromatic tuner replaces the volume control on your electric axe and can be retrofitted in most every guitar / bass out there. Once installed, users simply pull the knob up to mute the volume and turn the tuner on simultaneously, and then you can check out the on-knob LEDs to gauge how accurately your strings are tuned. Best of all, this thing is slated to ship within the next month for just $100, but alas, it's recommended that you pay a professional to actually rig it up.

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