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Rumor: Eight Days resurfacing in March with new title?

Nick Doerr

As far as rumors go, we generally don't trust them any further than we can throw them. Since throwing something that is intangible is an impossible feat, you can see our conundrum when presented with one gigantic bombshell. Some dude on MySpace (GamesBlow, which we assume is a pseudonym of some sort for an anonymous dev for the game) spoke up about Eight Days, a game we've not seen for nearly two years, and how it is going to reappear next month with a new name.

The game is supposedly ready for an October release and takes place in eight cities over eight days. You can play as one of two characters, each with different story lines and abilities and whatnot. Google maps has been incorporated into the game, so the cities are to scale and accurate. Like Animal Crossing, when you play the game dictates when the game is taking place. Play at night, the game's set at night. There's more, but we have to change our pants. It sounds really cool. Too cool. We'll see what happens.

[via NeoGAF]

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